Gais Construction worked with owner Jason Heller to up fit Mobius Search offices located at Camden Mill in 2004.  The project was 1300 square feet and took 30 days to complete.  Gais Construction also did additional renovation work on the original Mobius Searches office space in Atherton mill in 20001.

“Communications is #1 for me.  Gais gave me updates frequently, so I always knew what was happening.  If a problem came up I was notified immediately, so we could review all of the possible solutions and find an alternative without sacrificing time.  I’m sure after some time they were tired of seeing my number pop up in their Caller ID, but they always called me right back.  It didn’t matter to them if I made a thousand changes; they just wanted me to be happy with the final result.” Jason Heller President Mobius Search



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