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Breweries have many specific variables that are not typical to other construction projects. Gais Construction has extensive Brewery construction experience, and we will guide owners and their projects through the standard construction steps, along with these Brewery specific items:

Specialty Flooring: reinforced concrete, sloped concrete floor, options for trench drains, and options for specialty floors to resist caustic chemicals

Grain Handling: silo, milling, and augering to the hopper on the brew-house

Water Distribution: water softener, filtration, hot/cold liquor tanks, brewhouse (mash tun, boil kettle) heat exchanger, keg washer, and canning line connections

Natural Gas Piping/Specialty Exhaust: to the brewhouse if direct fired or to a boiler if brew-house is steam jacketed

Boiler System: requires blow down separator, potentially a condensate return, steam piping and insulation of the steam system, and special department of labor inspection

Process Piping: runs from brewhouse mash tun to kettle through pumps, to heat exchanger then to fermentation tanks

Fermentation Tanks: require insulated glycol piping from a circulating chiller with specific thermostat controlled valves

Optional Equipment: compressor for keg washing, air actuated valves on the brew-house, cellaring (fermentation) system, large CO2 tank (for adding forced carbonation, for the brewery tap system, or keg washing/filling)