Restaurants & Bars have many specific variables that are not typical to other construction projects. Gais Construction has extensive Restaurant & Bar construction experience, and we will guide owners and their projects through the standard construction steps, along with these Restaurant & Bar specific items:

Plumbing: floor sinks, mop sinks, 3 comp sink, prep sinks, multiple hand sinks, special dish washing equipment, trench drains, grease interceptors, commercial sized water heaters, mixing valves

HVAC: type 1 or type 2 hood systems including grease duct with fire wrap, make up air equipment and ducting, air curtains, AC using additional outside air to accommodate code requirements, gas connections through regulators, required quick connect hoses to specific kitchen equipment

Electrical: 3 phase power to accommodate the specialized equipment such as the hood exhaust, walk in cooler, and other kitchen equipment; lighting control systems and high-end light fixtures

Misc: refrigeration, POS, AV/camera/security, beer tap system

Coordination: Coca-Cola/Pepsi, Health Department, ABC paperwork