Integrity in Every Facet

Gais Construction’s philosophy evolves out of a passion for construction being done the right way in the desired timeframe at a fair and accurate price. We consider the work we do a reflection of who we are as two generations literally putting our names on the line in every project we undertake. You can expect the following when working with Gais Construction:

Construction & Project Management Excellence

Gais Constrution always takes the standards of the industry to a higher level. Our company was putting construction practices and methodologies into our projects years before they became a standard in building codes because it was the right way to do construction. We constantly seek the best, most efficient, and effective options for projects in order to achieve a higher level of excellence in the end product and its delivery.

Accurate Pricing & Accountability

Our meticulous approach to costing a job means not leaving things out or making assumptions that could cost you money or a misunderstanding as the project moves forward. Those who went for the lowest bid only to get burned have come back to us wishing they had gone with our team, as our costs were more clearly reflective of what the job actually entailed. We won’t lowball a job to get it and we’ll always be direct and hold ourselves accountable for the price that we give. It’s the right way to do business and earn long-term respect for how we do business.

Total Accessibility & Responsiveness

We operate under the belief that we must be available and accessible to clients at all times in order to build peace of mind and confidence that the project is progressing on schedule and as expected. We only ask the same in return in order for communications to truly be a two-way vehicle for success from the project’s inception to completion.

Resourcefulness & Know How

You will witness our years of experience in our ingenuity on the job when options need to be considered or unexpected issues arise. Our subcontractors are experts in their respective fields and are engaged as true partners at the onset of the job as we discuss and review the project in advance to address all avenues on your behalf. Our know-how will be put to work for you in everything from assisting with zoning or permitting issues to collaborating with the architect to assure the design is built with efficiency, aesthetics, and functionality in mind.

Above & Beyond Service

At Gais Construction, service is everything from keeping your site clean to staying on top of every aspect of the project on your behalf. It also means working with subcontractors that share Gais’ values and commitment by respecting the job, sticking to schedules, showing up as expected, working diligently and keeping quality and consideration in mind.

Respect of Time & Money

We understand that return on your commercial investment is top of mind from the minute you commit to the project. The sooner you can be using the space or conducting business in the space, leasing the space, or selling the space for a profit, the better for you. We consider your investment in us as your contractor a vote of confidence that we understand that time is money and it is your money. How it is spent is the bottom line in forging a long-lasting relationship with our company.